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Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Time: 8:00 pm

Price: $5 at door

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The Magpie bird is considered a shamanic bird, a link to the other worldly, primal realm of spirits,
senses, and symbolism. This Magpie, the band, does something very similar. Their lyrical encoding speaks of grander ways hidden in simplicity which sedates us into a connectedness and assurance to the ear.

The multi-instrumental introductions and interceptions lend a flavor of unity as musical odes of many strings, harps, drums, tambourines, and mutation dance together,
building climax that seems to be Magpie’s signature. This building is as if your heart takes a deep breath, feeling cleared and spacious for whatever destiny has planned on your horizon; as if Magpie reminds you that we truly don’t know the future, it is certainly grand, so let’s stir on this edge of hopeful, primal excitement of now.

Once upon a time in 2010 there was a house that loved to have people stay on their couches. Some were strangers at first and some stayed that way but all were loved and welcome. Some stayed for longer than they supposed because on those fine comfy couches they found peace and they found adventure. At times there were would be as many as 4 couch surfers from all corners and walks of life. And during those times there was great joy. The record holder for the longest couch surf was held by a man named Zach Dunn. Zach a wandering soul of sorts had come to the house on an invitation and stayed for a full month. A few years prior he had wintered in a cabin alone with a guitar and faaar too much time. Instead of going completely mad in the cabin he wrote songs and found something that broke him free.

One of the permanent residents of the house was a man that liked to cook for people. His name was Luke Sivertson. Luke grew up in a house with 10 piece drum kits, guitar stacks, and a father who was a music major and a mother who didn’t mind metal bands practicing in the basement twice a week. He picked up the violin in 4th grade and played in various orchestras through high school including the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra. For lack of a better term Luke spent more time fiddling around than he ever did practicing to be perfect. He loved the grit and freedom when you pour your heart through the instrument instead of trying to play a set of written notes perfectly.

Zach and Luke first found their wild musical chemistry on the dance floor then carried that over to the piano room at Colorado State University pounding on the same piano for hours on end. They eventually wove that wild chemistry into the framework of the song and figured there was a chance that if they learned enough songs together that it could take them places physically and metaphysically.

Whenever they were both watching a show together they would dance and break as many people out of their shells as they could. While dancing at a fantastically fun folk show in the front range, they politely asked with no band name to open for them at a show later that month. It worked and they played their first show in Telluride, a little village in the mountains, in the Spring of 2011.

Since then, Magpie has been seen on street corners, house concerts, festivals, theaters, barn parties, art galleries, bars and other venues in cities and towns across the country doing astonishing things. They have added several band members along the journey. You never know who to expect when they come to town. They have been known to pick up hitch hiker or a busker to join the band the same night of a show.

In 2013, They took a break from touring, joined up with a passionate and talented recording team in East Nashville, and spent the entire year recording a full length album in an old farm house.

The full length debut album titled, ‘Good Friends’ is a labor of love and enduring of hardship as the team went together to the deep depths of exploration and came out the other side with something they were happy to share.

Come eat and dance and sing with us. We’re trying to grow together and figure out how to live joyfully free in this wild world. It’s already been a crushingly grace and truth filled journey. Join us! Our purpose as a band is to love and spread the joy and gratitude of this life we are given. We probably suck just as much at living it as anyone but join us and we’ll do our best to not suck at it together.

And if you read all of that you’re awesome.

Wednesday September 13th – Magpie w/ Special Guests
Doors: 7:00pm, Show: 8:00pm – Tickets: $5.00 – Ages: 18+