Line In The Sky w/ Optic Oppression & Protopilot



The Details

Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Time: 8:00 pm

Price: $12 at door

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English composer Frederick Delius famously remarked that “music is an outburst of the soul,” and if there’s one emerging band that exudes this sentiment, it’s Nashville-based trio Lines In The Sky. Formed several years ago by brothers Jesse and Bowman Brock (vocals/guitar and percussion, respectively) and currently completed by bassist Ben McAnelly, Lines In The Sky’s prior two LPs—2014’s Hilasterion and 2016’s Parallel Travel (both of which were mixed by Grammy-winner Tim Palmer)—demonstrated an exceptional blend of progressive rock technicality, alternative rock attitude, pop/rock magnetism, and ambient introspection. As such, their masterful merging of heartfelt harmonies, tight yet adventurous instrumentation, and poignant lyricism pinpointed an act whose ambition and focus matched their vigorous songwriting and arrangement skills.

Looking back now, however, those albums also serve as the satiating appetizers for the main course that is Beacon, the group’s strongest record yet. By maintaining everything that makes their formula work while simultaneously emphasizing a stronger sense of cohesion, focus, and dynamic equity (between chaotic and calm movements), Lines In The Sky has created something truly superlative. Like the works of stylistic siblings Coheed and Cambria, Closure in Moscow, Circa Survive, and The Mars Volta, Beacon combines flamboyant frenzy with invigoratin